Preparing your items at home...

Items should be:

 clean and in excellent condition

 neatly folded into a laundry basket or sturdy shopping tote

We do not accept items:

in grocery or trash bags

on hangers of any sort including dry cleaning hangers

shoes in boxes unless they are brand new

Hangers and Shoe Boxes are permitted for designer high ticket items.

Keep in mind that we will need to find a minimum of 10 acceptable pieces to begin a contract.

There is no maximum. However if you have a lot of items be prepared to have a longer wait time.

Preparing your items this way allows us to quickly and efficiently go through your items.


When you arrive to the store with your items for consignment...

You will have two choices before we begin to go through your items.‚Äč

Choice 1:

you would like to wait while we look through your items and take home what we cannot accept

*** this option is usually best for new or unseasoned consignors to this location ***

Choice 2:

you don't have time to or care to wait while we look through your items 

and fully understand that if we cannot accept some or all of these items, 

they become the immediate property of Renaissance and will either be donated

or used in our clearance sales.

*** this option is usually best for our regular or seasoned consignors to this location ***