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High End Items

We do not accept faux designer goods, and may pass on items without proper authentication. 

 If there are high end items in the consignment, items that cost over $500 when purchased, a High-Ticket Form will be completed by our staff, 

which will help us to determine pricing. 

Pricing is non-negotiable.


Itemized Contract will be Emailed

Your itemized contract with pricing will be emailed ON, or BEFORE your Process Date. 

 Processing can take up to 21 days from Drop-Off, and items may be further passed-on at this time.

 The emailed contract will list the items that were accepted for consignment, the ticket price, the 60 day Claim Date

 and the Pick Up date for passed-on items where applicable.

60 Day Selling Period

Once items are left with Renaissance, they cannot be pulled for early retrieval.


Renaissance does NOT negotiate pricing. 

 Our pricing team are experts in the industry and are trained to price items fairly based on

condition, age, stock level, and fair market value. 

 It is the sole discretion of the Renaissance's pricing team to price items, and those prices are not negotiable.

Reclaim Date and Reclaim Process

If you wish to reclaim unsold items, you may come into the store ON, or up to five (5) days PRIOR to, your Claim Date.

 The Claim Date is the end of the 60-day contract term. Extensions are not made for any holidays, vacations, etc. 

Extensions are not made by contacting us via telephone or email.

 Consignor is responsible for pulling unsold items from the sales floor at reclaim. 

Reclaiming can take time so please come in at least 1 hour prior to closing times.

Reclaiming is not permitted on Saturdays.

STAFF are NOT PERMITTED TO ASSIST in the reclaim process 

unless the item is a locked item or behind the sales counter.

Please do not ask the STAFF to break this policy.

Missing Items at Reclaim

Renaissance is NOT responsible for Lost, Stolen, Missing or Damaged items.

 You may not be able to find all items at time of reclaim. 

Often items may be placed in other areas of the store or are in fitting rooms. 

Despite extensive efforts to thwart theft, theft may still occur. 

Items under $25 found to be damaged during your 60 day selling period will be removed from the sales floor 

and not available for your retrieval. Commission will not be paid for such items.

Items over $25 found to be damaged during your 60 day selling period will be removed from the sales floor 

and held until your reclaim date.


If you are unable to find an item that was priced over $25.00 at the time of reclaim.

you may ask the STAFF to put in a Customer Resolution/Issue Request for you.

The STAFF will email this form to the Corporate Office and ask for a resolution.

 A staff member will be back in touch with you within 10 days detailing the resolution, if any, offered.

A Customer Resolution/Issue Request will NOT be submitted by the STAFF if the item was priced under $25.00.

Address Changes

If your address changes during your 60 day contract period 

you must inform us at least 10 days PRIOR to the Claim Date to ensure proper mail delivery of your commission check.

Address changes will only be accepted via email to [email protected]

Address changes will not be made by staff or management by calling or stopping intothe store.

(this is to ensure that our corporate office promptly receives your address change)

Failure to report address changes may result in a $36 stop payment check fee.

 Renaissance is not responsible for failures in the postal service. 

Commission Check

You should expect to receive your commission check within 30 days after your Claim Date.

You will receive 40% commission on all items sold within your 60 day contract period 

unless your consignment was a part of higher promotion percentage.

 If you do not receive your check after 30 days...

please email [email protected]

Check inquires will not be accepted in person or over the phone 

(this is to ensure that our corporate office promptly receives your check inquiry)


Renaissance is not a charity and does not offer tax donation slips for any items.