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Consignment Drop Off and Consignment Reclaiming 

both require an appointment

Our new Consignment Rules and Policies may come as a shock to some of you as they really do limit acceptance of items that we will ultimately process for consignment but please understand that we consider our Consignors to be somewhat like our Business Partners. We promise to not take advantage of this "partnership" and hope that you believe that we simply want to do the best we can to continue to offer you an opportunity to sell your carefully selected items through our store. Without your items our business may not succeed and we hope that you feel that without us you may find it difficult to successfully and with ease sell your items by other means.

We are seeking Seasonal Women's & Men's Apparel, Accessories & Jewelry for Consignment.

Call the store at 610.519.0878 to speak to an associate to set an appointment for Drop Off.

We strongly urge you to Drop Off items only that meet the following criteria:

Items must be In Season and In Style.

Items must be Like New and in Excellent Condition.

Items must be undoubtedly Freshly Laundered.

Items must be free from holes, damages, broken zippers, odors, stains, pilling, scuff marks or worn soles.

Clothing must be folded neatly into unused plastic bags no larger than 13 gallons each (your typical kitchen trash bag).

Clothing will not be accepted if it arrives in reusable shopping totes, laundry bins, or large trash bags.

Clothing will not be accepted if it arrives on hangers unless they are recently dry cleaned with tags.

These factors are all incredibly important

 as we do not hold or return items found ineligible for consignment.

We do not have the space or man power to bag up and hold items ineligible for consignment.

Items deemed ineligible for consignment become the property of Renaissance and Renaissance will either donate or box/clearance sale these items.

You can expect to receive an email listing (Consignment Contract) within 21 days after Drop Off describing the items that were processed for consignment and the prices determined and set forth by Renaissance. Items are priced at the sole discretion of Renaissance's Processing Department

and these prices are not negotiable. 

Your selling period will be between 45 and 60 days depending upon season changes.

If you wish to retrieve/reclaim unsold items at the end of your selling period you have to call the store to schedule a Retrieval/Reclaim Appointment 

and please remember that only items priced over $20.00 are eligible for retrieval. 

All retrievals will be performed by a Store Associate and held for your appointment.

The timing of this call is utterly important and you must actually speak to a an Associate.

Voice messages are not accepted. 

You must make this call between 5 to 10 days prior to your Claim Date.

We do not permit early retrieval of consigned goods.

Our store associates may not be able to find all of your unsold items at time of reclaim.

Often items may be misplaced on inappropriate racks in the store.

Items found to be damaged during your selling period will not be held or returned to you.

Despite extensive efforts to thwart theft, theft may still occur.

Renaissance is NOT responsible for Lost, Stolen, Missing or Damaged items.

Expect to receive a commission check (40% standard commission on sold items) 

approx. 30 days after the Expiration/Claim Date of your Consignment Contract.

If 30 days have passed and you still haven't received a commission check 

you must email the Owner at [email protected]

Renaissance is not a charity and does not offer tax donation slips for any items whatsoever.

* * * * * *

Approximate Dates - Season

Aug 1 through Sept 15 Light Fall

Sept 15 through Jan 15 - Heavy Fall & Winter

Jan 15 through Feb 15 - High End Winter

Jan 15 - Feb 15 - High End Cruise and Vacation wear

Jan 15 through March 15 - Heavy Spring

March 15 through - June 15 Light Spring & Summer

June 15 through July 15 - Summer

July 15 - July 31 - High End Summer

* * * * * *